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Do I Need an Agent When Buying Home?


My job as your agent is to not only save you time by efficiently finding properties that meet your needs but to also guide you in the entire process of home buying. This means being sure that you also know the Pros and Cons of being a home owner.

Advantages of Home Ownership

1.      Leveraging: the ability to only invest 20 percent, 10 percent or less and still control 100% of the property.  If property increases in value the owner reaps the full value of the growth in equity.

2.      Tax benefits of ownership: the state and federal governments have encouraged the ownership of principal residences by providing income tax deductions for the payment of mortgage interest and property taxes.  These benefits often reduce the net out-of-pocket costs of home ownership below that of renting.  The agent should be able to illustrate the tax benefits of home ownership.

3.      Equity build-up: each mortgage payment made consists of principal and interest components.  While during the early years of ownership the principal accumulation is relatively small it does increase with every payment.  If the loan is paid for its full term the original amount of the loan plus appreciation, if any, will form the owner's equity in the property.  This money can be used to leverage into a larger property.

Real estate agents will never promise appreciation or provide a percentage which properties might appreciate.  You need to ask yourself how much you think property values will change, if at all, over the next five years in the area.

Disadvantages of Home Ownership

Just as there are reasons for most people to own a home there are valid reasons for some people not to purchase real estate.  These would include:

- Don't plan to stay in the area for at least 2 years

- Like the flexibility of renting

- Don't have need for the tax benefits of home ownership

- Don't believe in property ownership

- Believe that property values will decline over the near future

- Don't want to lock-up equity in a down payment

In almost every case, it's in your best financial interest to buy a home. When the time comes for you to reach out and take hold of that dream, I am here to guide you from start to finish. You can count on me to have the skills and knowledge to help find you the right home and save you thousands of dollars in the process. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a growing family that needs to buy a bigger home or an “empty nester” ready to downsize. Additionally, I work with homeowners looking to invest in a second home, and advise and guide investors on the sale of their property while learning about the benefits of the 1031 exchange, and help you find and purchase a replacement for the home you sell.

With me, you have access to a trusted, experienced real estate agent.

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Buyer Testimonials

Joy Quinto July 2017

"Octavio was very helpful and educational throughout the whole buying process. 
Excellent on communication Process was very smooth. "